tickle my special place

Posted: Sat, 2/9/08

fresh capita breakdown: brisse going mental, logging footage like mad; tj snowboard realms up to episode 18 now, shredding wild (like i mean WILD); jonas the bonus filming for TWS, lurking in the USA, driving a pickup like he should when in N. america; dustin filming for TWS as well, at the Session currently (w/tj, brisse, jonas and blue), leaving for europe with Oakley soon; lepore racing track bikes, runnin' his shop and shred dogging when he can.....where the gang (as a whole) has been, so far: breck, keystone, salt lake city, golden, edmonton, calgary, smithers, terrace, cypress mtn, munich, tahoe, utah backcountry, vegas, vail...next up: japan, europe, more USA for bonus, everyone filming and shooting photos, high fives, cuddles, long plane rides, hotel rooms, spotty internet, more snowboard realms, cel phone bills, missing girlfriends and wives, stinky boots, language barriers, weird food, seeing friends from far away (& making new ones), credit card bills, and pure love of shred.


tj & dan. edmonton, AB.

lil D, scotty, tj. terrace, BC. words/photos: joel fraser