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what !

i love when new mags come out . yesterday i went to the store to grab a copy of the new transworld . first thing i see is a fold out poster and this quote
" i understand why people wanna strive for that sort of thing and be the gold metallist guy. but when people are there and are just like ... im just so glad to be here , im calling bull-crap on it , im not buying it "
ummmm ok ? what the ... soooo lemme get this straight , a guy , at an event is always only there to win ? and never there just to have fun or enjoy the experience ? why do people even snowboard ? fuck man , if youre not first your last , snowboarding isnt fun or a good experience , its only to make money and be famous . shit man , ive been so lucky to travel around the world with snowboarding , and its never been about winning or losing for me , or for the people i snowboard with. we always just go out and have a good time. i remember going to the team challenge back in the day with capita. we would never talk about winning, we were all just stoked to have the opportunity to ride together as a team, as friends , as a family is how it honestly felt to me. thats what i remember most about snowboarding. i am so happy to be a part of a company like capita.
right above the quote it says "for right or wrong" , i think someone needs to look at why they snowboard.

am i missing something ? should i be reading this quote a different way ? lemme know your thoughts tj
know who youre supporting when you buy products. Picture 7.png
have fun with your friends