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this is why i love what i do

i love that my job allows me to meet so many rad kids from around the world , all the rad , weird , strange , shy , funny , amazing in their own way kids that i coach. kids like Pericles from new york who i met going up the chair in whistler this summer. Who just happened to stumble upon my profile here on capita. and checked out a movie called loosechange911 that i had posted in one of my blogs (i urge you to check it out also , stand up and ask questions demand answers.) he probably doesnt know it but talking to him was such an eye opening experience, he just left me a message that thanked me for making his summer awesome , when really i should be talking him for sharing some of his life experiences with me. I love that my job gives me a bigger voice to get out some ideas to kids , to talk to them about things that really matter , and things that dont matter at all , more than anything i just want to thank all the kids that come up and say hey ,say thanks for all the nice comments that you leave for me , or say to me . very special thanks to all teh kids that support small companies like CAPiTA . thanks yall shredsnowboard