The Outsiders


They come from the wrong side of the tracks, the bad side of town. They live on the lamb and in the shadows. The only thing they care about is not caring and living for the kicks. They do what they want when they want, with no regard for the consequences. They're the kids your parents warned you about. Ditch your job, set yourself free, and stick it to the man with the Outsiders.

Welcome to the new age of camber. It’s a time of advancement, not compromise. A reality we face is that progression towards bigger jumps requires more speed to execute them safely, and when you’re ready to send it, you want confidence from your snowboard. The Outsiders series features an all-new revolutionary camber configuration that gives you a traditional camber board designed in a way that makes progression more attainable. Through a small zero camber section integrated with specific sidecut blend-zones near the tip and tail, you can feel the pop and power of traditional camber with unmatched stability at high speeds.


  • DS Select RFC Sustainable Core
  • Custom Weave – Fiberglass Configuration
  • 2x30mm Carbon Fiber Beams
  • Black Fleece Additive
  • Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Speed Base
  • Die Cut Base Graphics
  • PLT Topsheet Technology
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • ABS Sidewalls with Silkscreened Graphics
  • 4x2 Inserts
  • Aluminum Logo Base Inlay



Length Effective Edge Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance (Inches)
148 1150 24.80 29.10 / 29.10 7.83 24.0
152 1155 25.20 29.50 / 29.50 7.90 24.0
152W 1155 25.70 30.00 / 30.00 7.90 24.0
156 1190 25.50 29.90 / 29.90 8.10 25.0
156W 1190 26.00 30.40 / 30.40 8.10 25.0
159 1215 25.80 30.20 / 30.20 8.32 26.6

2013-2014 CAPiTA The Outsiders