Dustin Craven

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Name: Dustin Craven
DOB: 5/19/1988
Age: 25
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Currently Living: Squamish, BC, Canada
Height: 163cm
Weight: 56 kg
Nationality: Canada
Instagram: @DustinCraven
Movie Project: "Get Outta Town" Web series.
Snowboard Achievements: Filmed multiple major video parts.
#tag: #DustinCraven, #CrustyDusty
Nickname: D Stain
Stance Width: Not to wide.
Binding Angles: +15, -15
Local Resort: Whistler Blackcomb, BC
Board for Pow: Totally F'KN Awesome 157
Board for Park: Totally F'KN Awesome 157
Other Sponsors: Monster, Under Armour, Union, Arnette, Rude Boys, Air Hole.
Something Unique: Can actually ride halfpipe.
School: Had fun but feels like if he could do it all again he would be better at it the second time around.
Advice to Other Riders: Just giver and don't look down.

Dustin Craven Defenders of Awesome Full Part