Tech Features - Camber Done Right

Camber has evolved. This once overlooked standard design element has been blown wide open with the introduction of the reverse camber movement. Now camber lines are as important to a board’s design as flex, sidecut, and shape. At CAPiTA, we have focused our extensive knowledge in this area to create custom camber lines for every model. We feel this uniquely designed camber approach is a must in order to maximize performance and enjoyment on each board.

Surf Rocker

Spring Break

The all new Surf Rocker features a continuous arching tip and tail inspired by the modern design of many of todays best surfboards. Flat thought the inserts with smooth arching tip and tails. The gentle low angle allows for maximum float and control.


Charlie Slasher

Mono reverse camber FK for powder allows your nose to float above the snowline, while retaining power throughout the tail to stomp landings and slash the hell out of everything.

Mountain FK

The Black Snowboard of Death

The Mountain FK design features the same mid body camber and flat tail used on the Hybrid FK boards and adds in the reverse cambered nose of the Freeride FK. This allows for tons of pop and stability on the hard pack while increasing float and landing power, improving the rider’s performance in deep snow.

Freeride FK

DBX (157)
Totally Fk'n Awesome

This revolutionary all-mountain shape provides the best of both worlds. It has a raised camber platform through the inserts to retain high-speed edge hold through variable terrain, and elevated contact points to land and float in powder.

Traditional Camber


Tried and true, traditional camber elongates your effective edge and provides more power in your nose and tail. Boards pop harder and have more high speed turning stability with this design.

New Age Camber

The Outsiders

This all new freestyle camber configuration zeros out a traditional camber approach 4cm before the end of the sidecut. The small flat sections that are left give you the ride, feel, and response of a cambered board but with a more forgiving predictability.

Hybrid FK

Defenders of Awesome
Jess Kimura Pro
Birds of a Feather

Our Hybrid Camber boards take full advantage of the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. This next generation design allows you to get the pop and response of a cambered board with all the predictability and easy turn initiation of zero camber or reverse camber shapes.

Zero Camber

DBX (154)
Outdoor Living

Flat camber from contact point to contact point provides a slightly looser, easier to ride feel, without reducing the effective edge that results from full rocker shapes.

Freestyle FK

DBX (151)
Scott Stevens Pro
Indoor Survival

Dual reverse camber FK freestyle shape. Flat based from outer insert to outer insert provides stability at high speeds on groomed runs. Elevated contact points turn on a dime and float effortlessly while stomping in powder.

Urban FK

Space Metal Fantasy

Reverse camber jib and park machines with Flat Kick tip and tails. Whether you’re in the streets or at the resort, they’re pre-positioned for pressing and never hang up.