Tech Features - Core

The core of a snowboard is just that: the core, the heart, the soul and the foundation for everything else that goes into a board. This essential element will determine the overall characteristics of the snowboard, even before one sheet of fiberglass is laid across it. Each CAPiTA deck starts off with a wood core, tip-to-tail, rail-to-rail, allowing for uniform flex, greater turn initiation control, and incredibly fast response. Different species of wood, along with engineered core profiles help give each deck a unique feel and targeted flex. We’ve engineered a series of core compositions, each with unique and specific characteristics to ensure that no matter your riding style, we have your ideal snowboard.


Spring Break

The SURFLITE CORE™ was designed exclusively for our new Spring Break boards to create a strong, light, and buoyant core that allows you to float to the top of any amount of powder. In surfboard design, a thicker more buoyant board will help the board float much easier than a thin dense one. With this thought in mind we developed a thicker core featuring blocked Balsa throughout the board combined with strength enhancing Beech on the edges and through the inserts creating a strong, super floaty core.


Black Snowboard of Death

Engineered specifically for our flagship model, this new core is a shining example of our Space Age technical supremacy. Designed using some of the strongest materials available, the HOVER CORE™ is so light it essentially floats across the snow. Thin cut low density Paulownia strips are combined with Poplar beams to create a unique ply configuration. The result is an energetic core that is extremely light and strong with excellent dampening properties.



With Dan Brisse’s riding style in mind, the RFC SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO DUAL CORE was designed to perform when it’s all on the line. Ollie power, strength, dampening, and reliability were terms emphasized in the design room. This poplar based core has been beefed up with bamboo stringers through the inserts as well as along the edges. This increases the energy throughout the board making it more responsive and powerful. Since bamboo is one of the strongest woods available, durability goes through the roof allowing you to go bigger, faster, and jib with confidence in even the sketchiest of scenarios.


Totally Fk'n Awesome

The PANDA CORE™ was built for a high performance return of energy in a lightweight and versatile core. From razor sharp turns on demand, to huge ollies, this core was engineered with all-terrain technical freestyle riding in mind. Comprised of our P2 Superlight core and enhanced with inlaid Bamboo Power Rods, this high-density core is strong enough to meet the needs of the TFK’NA customer while saving considerable weight.


Scott Stevens Pro
Jess Kimura Pro
The Outsiders

The DS SELECT RFC SUSTAINABLE DUAL Core was built for next level performance. It’s lightweight, with no irregularities or finger joints, which provides the most uniformly flexing core available. The DS core is constructed with the highest quality poplar and beech woods. Beech is placed through the inserts on the Scott Stevens Pro and Ultrafear helping to provide unmatched durability and pop, and along the rails on the Jess Kimura Pro and the Outsiders, enabling the rider to hold a solid edge while carving, eliminating chatter at high speeds and contributing more power to ollies and landings. Poplar strips are fused with the beech sections for increased strength and vibration absorption. The DS SELECT offers a consistent, comfortable, and powerful ride in a certified sustainable full wood core.


Charlie Slasher

Ever wanted to run your Charlie Slasher as a split board but didn't want to risk the integrity of the core? The TOURING Core takes the DNA of a Charlie Slasher’s full Poplar core and adds a doublewide ABS sidewall down the centerline. This allows you the versatility to keep your Charlie intact as a powder machine, or to split it down the middle into a touring set without risking water damage to the core.


Defenders of Awesome
Birds of a Feather

The RFC SUSTAINABLE SELECT Core is the original eco-friendly core. It’s proven track record offers an environmentally conscious consumer a sustainable alternative without sacrificing any of the energy or stability expected from a CAPiTA. These cores have been re-forestation certified by a leading environmental agency for nature and habitat sustainability, and made with a single species poplar grain for a smooth, consistent ride. Extending from edge to edge and tip to tail the wood grain has no knots or finger joints enhancing response and providing a completely uniform flex pattern.


Space Metal Fantasy

Engineered for ‘anytime, anywhere’ performance reliability, the SS SELECT Core provides a perfect balance between energy, stability, and POP. Vertically laminated poplar is lightweight and has a long grain orientation. There are no irregularities or finger joints allowing for consistent uniform flex throughout the deck.



Providing consistent, easy, predictable flex while maintaining strength and forgiveness is what the Poplar core is all about. This basic kids core holds up to anything the groms can throw at it without breaking the bank.