Tech Features - Sidecut

Sidecut is the arching shape that the outer rails of the board take from the wide points near the nose and tail toward the narrow point in the middle of the board. Sidecut dictates the board's turning functionality along with the personality of a snowboard. All CAPiTA boards are made with one of four sidecuts.


A true progressive sidecut consists of two or more radii blended together to accommodate the three stages of a turn. They provide easy turn initiation, while offering greater control and stability throughout the turn, and maximum power when exiting.

New Age Directional

Our New Age Directional sidecuts are Progressive sidecuts, which also incorporate a reverse sidecut arc in the midsection of the board. Due to a reduced effective edge as a result of hybrid camber shapes, this reverse camber arc provides a point of contact to retain control throughout the turn.


A radial sidecut is a single radius design that allows your board to start and finish a turn on the same arc.

Blended Radial

Blended Radial sidecuts feature a single radius arc through the midsection of the board combined with a custom designed blend zone at the contact points. Varying the length of these blend zones and tailoring them specifically for certain aspects of riding greatly improves a board’s performance.

Radical Taper

Engineered specifically for deep powder riding, this radial sidecut is complemented by a tapered tail. This narrower tail section naturally sinks in the powder while the wider nose section floats above the snow line. The result is less work and more fun as the board surfs on one smooth continual arc.

Blend Zones

All snowboard shapes are designed with four blend zones. This is the area after the sidecut ends and before the nose or tail shape starts. In this small section, the shape of the board must transition from a sidecut arc going one direction into the tip shape arc going in the opposite direction. This very important section of the board is similar to the steering system in your car. It's the driving force in initiating turns and determining where your board is going. A poorly designed blend zone will cause your board to be hooky and turn slowly, and could limit your ability to transition between edges. CAPiTA has taken the time to pay distinct attention to this detail, fine-tuning each and every board to make sure your riding experience is balanced and perfect.

Flex Ratings

Technology integrated into snowboard construction affects many characteristics of a board’s performance. Flex, along with weight, stability, energy and other factors come into play when considering whether a board is right for you. Flex may be the most important as it will determine how you are able to manipulate your board on snow. Soft, flexible boards are great for jibbing and overall command over your snowboard, especially in the park. They’re easy to ride and very forgiving. Stiffer boards have more pop, more energy, and more stability at high speeds but they require more effort and skill from the rider as well.

All boards in this catalog are rated on a scale from 1 to 10. The number given is the estimated resistance the board may provide to the average customer.

1 would be the resistance of a noodle, 10 would be the resistance of a tree trunk.